How does a Young Musician grow into a Mature Artiste?

What does a talented,young musician do after learning from a good guru for 10-15 years?  At this stage he should seriously think about the growth of his music,the maturity in his singing or even search for guidance from those who can teach him the finer aspects in music?

I think,there comes a stage in every young musician’s journey when he should seriously analyse his art,what he needs to do more,how he can improve further,how the knowledge he has already achieved needs to become a “Vidya”. My suggestion is the mantra of “Manan”,”Chintan” and “Manthan “.
A true artist is never happy with what he has already achieved. He is always restless. He wants to out-do himself, go beyond the horizon. And for him the horizon never ends. There are further horizons,one after the other,as he goes along. His creative restlessness continues to grow. He is always a seeker, a saadhak always. A Bhimpalas bandish in our gharana says ” Saadhana karute raho…” ( continue to keep doing). Saadhana here does not merely mean “Riyaaz”. I should think it means keep exploring in the spirit of “manan ” ( remembering — consciously remembering what the guru has taught), “Chintan”( deliberating/thinking– thoughtfully exploring new possibilities  within the framework of the raga) and “Manthan”( churning — churning all these,including Riyaaz , and getting new results I the framework of your gharana). I should think that this three-fold approach in a growing musician is essential for finding his own personal identity/ a pehechaan in the gharana.Only then, he becomes mature and thereby he becomes humble before his art. Art is greater than the artiste.