Guru Shishya Sambandha in Music

True guru-shishya relation is a fore-ordained binding between the two and it follows from some former lives and continues in after- lives. This is my belief and conviction.
The mystique of this relationship cannot be described, but can only be felt and experienced by the two, bringing joy to both. It is not just the meeting of the minds, but a merger of the souls.
When the shishya totally surrenders to the Guru, the Guru thankfully accepts the shishya. You would ask why thankfully does the Guru accept the shishya? He is thankful to God that he has gained a shishya who will carry on the Vidya like him and impart it to his/her shishyas in a similar manner.
The Guru is there to give and the shishya is there to take. When the Guru gives,he gives wholeheartedly and the shishya takes with absolute surrender. In fact, there is surrender on both sides.
That is the union between the two.
That is the understanding between the two.
That is the love between the two!!
There are no questions asked,no answers given. In Indian musical tradition, the shishya asks by making mistakes in singing and the Guru answers these mistakes through singing the right note,phrase etc.
The shishya has to be very perceptive, perceiving the subtle nuances of the ragaswaras and try to reproduce them to the best of his ability and if he is a real pursuer, one day he will reproduce them perfectly.
The Guru has to be very patient and tolerant of his shishya. He will repeat a particular ragaswara or sangat with great indulgence. For him the shishya is a toddler and he is the knower who has to lead and guide the child. Happiness for the Guru is when the shishya begins to walk and later run. Happiness for the shishya is when he begins to run to the joy of his Guru.
The dakshina (fees,in modern terms) should not matter to both. Any number of examples are there where the Guru does not take anything but is happy to share his Vidya with his shishya. If the Guru demands a dakshina, it could be to test the shishyas perseverance.
True dakshina by the shishya is when he begins to go in the right direction shown by the guru and goes on to excel in it.