Audacious statements about Great Musicians

The other day I was stunned by a statement made about my father-guru by some irresponsible people who are trying to make a name for themselves as representatives of his /Jaipur Atrauli gharana Gayaki.
These upstart people,without having heard him live more than once or twice in their entire lifetime,had the audacity to say that my guru did not sing Khambavati because he considered it as a “light” raga!!
My objection to such audacious guesstimate is

  1. How many times have such people heard his concerts?
  2. What right do such uninformed people have to make comments which are uncorroborated by facts?
  3. Have these people taken the trouble to sift the entire repertoire of my guru’s recordings atleast, if not heard him at great length?
  4. What is their standing in the vast world of Hindustani music to be able to say something about a great musician who “lived-music” all through his life’s?
  5. How can such people be flippant in passing comments almost in the nature of judgments on a person who was called ” a musicians’ musician’?

I would here like to ask a few questions about the musicography of Pt.Mallikarjun Mansur.

  1. Do they know that my guru has recorded Khambavati for Bharat Bhavan archives? He wouldn’t have recorded it for archives,if he considered it as “light” raga.
  2. Do they know that my guru has taught me Khambavati elaborately and I do sing it? Had it been a light raga for him, let these people be informed of the fact that he would not have taught me this beautiful raga. Let these people know clearly that he never taught me so-called ” lighter” ragas.
  3. I possess recordings of his performance of Khambavati in mehefils. Couldn’t these people have the minimum courtesy to ask me? I have heard him sing it and accompanied him singing it in mehefils.

I assume it’s small mouths making big statements. I am writing this to keep the records straight. Hoping such people are listening !